Young travellers go to social to be informed and inspired


A new international study has shown digital and social media heavily influences more than half of young people’s travel choices. RadiumOne surveyed 1300 people with a median age of 26 about their travel decisions, and 67% said digital media and social sharing influenced where they travelled. The study showed three out of every four travellers got their destination, hotel and travel offer ideas from social media. According to the survey, social sharing was the most important thing travellers used their smartphones for. The survey also gave an insight into what information travellers preferred to share on social media, and which social media sites were most popular to share travel information on. The influence of social media on travel reflects the dual role these channels can have on a younger customer – not only as a place for information sharing and gathering, but also as a place that can pull emotional triggers on their wants and needs. In this case the ‘want’ is clear – seeing their friends travelling and experiencing places makes other young travellers crave the same experience to avoid FOMO ‘Fear of Missing Out’. Leveraging a dual informative and emotional approach is an opportunity for brands looking to capture this younger audience.

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