Research finds Australians live and breath digital

According to shopper marketing firm TNS, Australia is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world. Alastair Leathwood from TNS says “we should be marketing by occasions, needs, attitudes, and the various mindsets for different media, reaching customers through specific channels at specific times of the day.” While quality content is key to engaging with consumers, the devices that host the content are just as imperative. Aside from mobile which penetrates a considerable large demographic of people, tablet consumption is exponentially increasing as well. After a steady 16% growth on 2013 to 46% in 2014, tablets are set to hit mainstream status in four years, and is predicted that by 2015, 47% of Australians could be using tablets to operate home devices. Similarly in the automotive category, 16% of consumers report usage of in-car connectivity, while a further 18% express interest in future use.


The demand for content and media, more often is limitless. In this new hyper connected world, people are consuming more advertising messages than ever before, and looking to integrate technology into new areas of their lives but with the expectation that brands know them and their needs.