Periscope Gets Three Handy New Updates

Broadcasts on Periscope now last forever thanks to an app update from the video broadcasting platform. All broadcasts will now automatically save by default, meaning you can keep hold of all your content beyond the previously standard 24 hour period.
The development comes after Periscope introduced a public beta for users to add #save to a broadcast if they wished to keep it beyond 24 hours and the idea behind the updated automated service is to give users full control over their broadcasts. The nice part about the update is that it’s not forced, so if you still want broadcasts to last just 24 hours then that can be configured in your account settings. You will also be able to delete broadcasts at any point after publishing.
Want a bird’s eye view? You can get that too with another of Periscope’s updates, now available on iOS, which allows you to broadcast from a supported DJI drone by connecting your iPhone to it’s remote. Pretty sweet right! You can even narrate from your phone while sketching on the broadcast to highlight what the viewer should be paying attention to.
And finally, if those two gifts weren’t enough, Periscope has a third handy update – advanced search options. Avid live streaming viewers can search via topics like #Travel and #Music instantly gaining access to the stuff the love most as well as being able to broadcast under that topic. Be sure to check out their special topic ‘First Scope’ to welcome new broadcasters to the community.
an image showing Periscope new topic search terms available