Instagram flat lay 101

Instagram is an art form. Perfectly captured flat lays, scenic views or inspirational product shots send likes through the roof. But how do you create the perfect image for Instagram? At Frontier, we know it’s important to produce specific creative for different social media channels, that’s why we went along to one of our clients catalogue shoots in order to get a look behind the scenes, get inspired and shoot some new season product flat lays!


While the photographers, stylist and marketing manager got to work building gorgeous living room and bedroom settings, we browsed the accessories and gathered everything from mugs, cushions, vases, clocks, frames and more that would combine and make stunning snap shot collections to use on Instagram. It was a lot of fun putting together colour themes, Christmas inspiration and ‘arty’ arrangements, as well as jumping in behind the scenes of the photo shoot every now and again to capture a moment. We got to test out our own home styling and photography skills and get a glimpse first hand of what goes into creating the perfect image and I must admit it was hard work but we’re looking forward to seeing the finished results and using them across the client’s Instagram account!

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