Facebook embraces eCommerce with ‘Buy Now’

There may be a new e-tailer on the market shortly and it goes by the name of Facebook. In July, the social media giant tested a “Buy Now” function inside the newsfeed, letting users instantly pay for goods and services from other merchants without leaving Facebook. Considering that users can complete the entire purchase process within the blue chrome, the function provides an added level of convenience for those who spend so much of their time on Facebook already. For brands with Facebook communities, the ‘Buy Now’ function is set to boost conversion rates and endear further retailers to the social network. This is not the first e-commerce expedition for Facebook, who over the years has tried and tested similar initiatives like Pinterest-style Collections and last years charity based Donate Button. Considering a similiar ‘Buy’ function was recently tested on Twitter, and that Instagram is about to roll out monetized ads, this further indicates social’s shift to placing a $ on brands’ ROI.