Facebook 360° Video Has Landed

If you’re a devoted Facebook news-feed scroller (who isn’t?) then you will have noticed some cooler than your average video footage recently. That’s right, Facebook 360° video has officially landed and it’s got consumers and brands very excited.

Iconic brands such as Adidas, Gatorade and Red Bull have already blown most out of the water when it comes to producing 360° video content, but what makes it so powerful? The answer is simple and summed up in two words; engaging and interactive.

360° video is exciting. It’s game changing and it allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the excitement of any scene from each vantage point. More importantly, under their control. Users can choose the way they view brand content by physically moving the camera angle with their device. A truly unique experience.

With 360° video the opportunity for brands is endless. Captivate audiences who love to travel with footage of beautiful destinations, promote a new movie or share the view from an event with the world, 360° video provides a level of experience miles ahead of standard video footage.

A great example of just that, Visit Dubai’s 360° video gives potential visitor’s the opportunity to get a taste of what they could enjoy during their stay.

The platform has transformed the way video content is recorded, produced and interacted with and is undoubtedly one powerful marketing tool. Brands should be looking to use the new technology as a way to enhance brand awareness and captivate audiences in this new and exciting way.

And thanks to Samsung, creating 360° video content isn’t just a privilege for brands with major marketing budgets. Earlier this year, Samsung announced the Gear 360° Camera, a new consumer focused device for shooting 360° video which links directly with the users mobile device. Not only does it allow them to preview what’s being captured but the footage can then be seamlessly uploaded to Facebook. Perfect!

Photo’s have also been given the 360° upgrade. Create and upload a panoramic shot to your feed as normal and watch Facebook convert it into an interactive environment.