Event Marketing: Australian International Airshow 2017


The Australian International Airshow is all wrapped up and the 2017 event was nothing short of spectacular, with this year’s event recording its highest number of attendees at Avalon Airport ever!

Frontier worked alongside the Airshow team for the 6th event running to plan, develop and execute a fully integrated campaign. A complete  channel strategy was developedwith Frontier involved in all facets of the communications including production, media planning and buying , creative and digital.

Our key task was to arrest the decline in attendance that had occurred over the last 2 shows and re-engage both the enthusiast and broader family market. Research highlighted that the show had lost some of its appeal due to the perception that it had the similar attractions each event, as well not part of the consideration set from a family event/ entertainment perspective.

Another challenge facing the Airshow was their ability to promote the key attractions (active military aircraft) whilst confirmation of appearances are predicated on their availability and government approvals.

Fortunately the 2017 show did showcase one of the more prominent and well known aircraft, the JSF35 joint Strike Fighter, which was making its first aerial appearance in Australia. This along with several new combat aircraft which would be giving aerial displays for the first time in Australia provided the Airshow with a key platform to use in our messaging, assisting in generating excitement for enthusiasts and encouraging returning visitations.

We also created communications that had a family focus assisting us in getting the Airshow onto the family entertainment shopping list.


Frontier assisted negotiating media partnerships that delivered budget stretches greater the 250% across Television, print, radio  and Outdoor.  We also developed and managed a social campaign which provided a platform to engage with the fans and potential audiences providing a great level of information about the show.


These initiatives delivered the Airshow several firsts, such as a sell-out of all VIP and Corporate passes as well as a 23% increase in attendance, from the previous show as well as a highest attendance ever by 5%.



JSF35 Joint Strike Fighter