Deloitte: Australia media usage and preferences 2014

The annual Deloitte Media Consumer survey is out and the findings are quite interesting (and exciting for us in the digital team!)

Conducted over 8 countries with over 2,300 consumers surveyed in Australia the survey consistently demonstrated the growing significance and penetration of digital across all regions.

Whilst TV still held onto the crown in terms of entertainment with 64% of the audience voting it their number 1 source, this was closely followed by the internet at 63% and forecasts shows that it will likely eclipse TV’s dominance in the near future.

Some other interesting finds related to Australia include:

  • We’re a nation of smartphones owners- Smartphone ownership locally at 81%, with smartphone ownership among survey participants has increased by 21% over the last three years. 57% of Australians also consider it their ‘go to device’
  • More of us are starting to become digital ‘omnivores’- More than half (53%) of Australian survey respondents are now owners of a tablet, laptop and smartphone
  • We’re addicted to social media and use it to express ourselves- More than half of those surveyed (54%) update or check social media daily, up 170% from last year. With some Australians check their social feeds up to 20+ times a day!
  • Social Media is starting to replace our 6pm news- 32% of Australians prefer to get their breaking news from social media
  • And no one really wants to pay to access the news- 92% of Australians think there is enough free information out there to not have to pay for online content

Despite all this, the one thing that doesn’t seem to be phased by the digital fuss is the printed magazine, with 49% of Australians indicating that this was still their preferred way to read magazine content and if given a choice to receive a physical or digital copy, they would opt for the physical one. Showing that sometimes it is difficult to replace the feeling of a good old glossy in someone’s hands.

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